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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is the result of a trauma, which in many cases results from physical injuries. The psychological wounds, although less visible, are equally, if not more, devastating. Being invisible these wounds are ignored or do not receive adequate help when recognized.

The impression that many have is that only war veterans suffer from this mental health problem. I have recognized that the symptoms of PTSD are to be found in those who have been physically, emotionally or sexually abused.

People suffering from PTSD often suffer from periods of emotional numbness and depression that may exist (co-exist) or alternate with intense anxiety and delusional thinking. Their days may be afflicted by flesh-backs to traumatic situations. Their nights are often disrupted by sleeplessness and nightmares. The also suffer from depression and a common feature is getting angry very easily. Alcohol and drug abuse is often resorted to to deaden the pain of the intrusive thoughts of the trauma. This will keep the symptoms in check for some time but eventually leads many to commit suicide.

There is hope for people who suffer from PTSD. With the right type of therapy the suffering of those afflicted with PTSD can be substantially alleviated and they can resume their regular happy life. 




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